Hawk Eye Inspections is a private, impartial, third-party inspection company, committed to providing you with the finest home and building inspections and best information for your complex decisions. The company was founded in 2012 by Leighton Clarke, and is licensed by Consumer Protection BC (CPBC)#63143. We are a member of the Home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC), and carry comprehensive general liability insurance, and errors and omission insurance that exceed the requirements for inspectors.

We provide timely, efficient and  professional home inspection services to Prince George, Quesnel, Vanderhoof, MacKenzie and Fort St. James.

About Leighton Clarke


Leighton Clarke was born and raised in Prince George, BC. He is highly trained, educated and skilled in

 construction and inspection. He acquired more than 12 years experience in the residential, commercial and industrial building trades before embarking on his own inspection company in 2012. 

Leighton is a ticketed carpenter and ironworker. He has worked on large and small jobs for a variety of  general contracting companies, and also as an independent contractor. His experience in a broad range of roles provides him with detailed knowledge of the trades and standards required for our region.

Leighton has completed the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection course, CDW Engineering Commercial building inspection course and WETT BC site basic inspection training.  Also field training, and mentoring with HIABC Inspectors, and is licensed by Consumer Protection BC. His comprehensive visual recognition skills and vast knowledge of building practices will provide you with immediate evaluation of issues and concerns.

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